Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Twilight in Mestia, late Jan. 2011

There is a window of time, only minutes long, when the twilight is descending... the snow is still visible and the watchtower lights are coming on one by one.  Blues and yellows contrasting.  Streak of a car's headlights caught in my tripod-mounted slow exposure of a minute or so. Star from a tower light shining nearly straight at my lens.  Church lit in its own colour, more green.  In short, a magical time.  Before this, the lights haven't illuminated the towers; soon afterwards, darkness descends and much of the blue detail is lost.  Right time, right place.


  1. What great photos! They really need attention. The country must be rugged but beautiful.
    Hope to see it once. Love Günter

  2. Definitely one to crow about! This would make a beautiful Christmas card from Svaneti! Feeling very far away from there... just come out of a rainforest.