Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keeping Busy.

I've been getting photos ready for 's annual competition, and uploading them, which was quite a feat given slow internet speed from Mestia.  All finished now, time to start more regular blogging.  First, a link to my latest Letter from Svaneti, here.


  1. Hello Mr. Hanmer,

    I use the formal greeting out of respect for you dedication to the people of Georgia. I am sure you are much more comfortable being called Tony.
    My name is Dave Prigel. I am a veterinarian from the US. I live in Springfield Missouri. I am currently in Tbilisi and getting ready to leave Monday morning 5-2-2011. This is my third time to come to Georgia to work with veterinarians and farmers. US-AID helps pay for my expenses along with other organizations and I invest/give my time for the benefit of Georgians, but I end up receiving far more than I could ever give. I will look at your FB page and make an attempt to keep up with you. Thank you for the excellent photos and for your article in the April 9 to May 5 Georgia Today. Thank you, Dave

  2. Hi Tony,

    I'm Vytas Statulevičius from Lithuania. Each Friday I'm reading your posts in the Georgia Today.

    I'm also a fan of Georgia, writing a backpacker's wiki about Georgia (in Lithuanian + Google translate). You could look at

    I put the links to your blog's, if you have more suggestions about "right" guesthouses or where to eat in Svaneti I will be very glad to put in wiki.

    Only articles about east Georgia are finished...

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